Proactive Web3 Security & Risk Analytics

Hexagate enterprise-grade security platform prevents cyber exploits, hacks, governance and financial risks for protocols, Web3 apps and asset managers

Real-time threat prevention

Stay one step ahead of all exploits and threats

Get full protection on all assets and smart contracts against exploits and hacks of any kind to prevent financial loss before it happens
Stay One Step Ahead of All Exploits and Threats
Protect your users from phishing, fraud, scams and hacks
Real-time Web3 Security & Risk Analytics API

Protect your users from phishing, fraud, scams and hacks

Analyze any Web3 activity and address to detect phishing campaigns, fraudulent dApps, malicious transactions, scam projects, malicious governance proposals and more

How can we help you?

Learn how Web3 organizations are leveraging Hexagate to prevent financial losses

Protocols, chains, DAOs and bridges

Safeguard smart contracts and users with real-time detection and prevention of exploits, financial risks and other Web3 threats. 

Web3 apps and wallets providers

Protect your users from fund losses by integrating the Hexagate API. Identify and block phishing, fraud, scams and hacks. 

Asset and treasury managers

Secure your on-chain portfolio and trading activity from financial losses by detecting and preventing threats and economic risks.

Preventing Financial Loss For

Onboard Hexagate in minutes to protect all digital assets. Book a demo to experience the broadest Web3 protection.

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