Real-time Web3 Security and Risk Analytics API

Hexagate API makes it easy to analyze any Web3 activity and address to detect phishing campaigns, fraudulent dApps, malicious transactions, scam projects, malicious governance proposals and more

Web3 Security API

Prevent fund losses for your end-users

Leverage the Hexagate API to flag malicious dApps, scam tokens, malicious transactions, risky smart contracts, fraudulent actors and more
Protect your users from Web3 fraud and threats Illustration
Differentiate your app with fraud and scams detection - Icon
Differentiate your app with fraud and scams detection
Prevent digital assets theft and malicious airdrops
Prevent digital assets theft and malicious airdrops
List token safely and block fraudulent actors icon
List token safely and block fraudulent actors 
Phishing and fraud and scams detection icon
Phishing, fraud and scams detection
Exploits and hacks detection icon
Exploits and hacks detection
Smart contracts risk analysis icon
Smart contracts risk analysis
Governance proposal analysis
Governance proposal analysis
Privacy preserving blocklists
Privacy preserving blocklists

Security API Endpoints

Transaction & Message Analysis

Simulate and analyze transactions & messages to prevent phishing, fraud, scams and hacks

Domain Analysis

Analyze URLs and dApps at scale to uncover phishing campaigns and malicious dApps

Address Analysis

Analyze addresses at scale to flag for risky assets and addresses 

Governance Proposal Analysis

Analyze governance proposals to get a risk report and prevent malicious proposals

Address & Domain Blocklists

Download snapshots of malicious addresses & URLs to block Web3 threats while preserving user privacy
Security API Endpoints Codeblock
Web3 Analytics API 

Analyze Web3 risks, funds flow and activity in real-time

Leverage the Hexagate API to analyze Web3 risk and access blockchain data at scale and across multiple chains
Streamline web3 development with real-time web3 data Illustration
Add addresses & monitors
Seamlessly integrate web3 data into your app 
Never worry about on-chain data indexing and parsing icon
Access real-time indexed and parsed Web3 data
Easily analyze any on-chain activity icon
Easily analyze any on-chain activity
Transaction insights icon
Transaction insights
Source of funds analysis icon
Track funds movements
Asset & wallet profiles icon
Asset & wallet profiles
Streaming on-chain events icon
Analyze on-chain events

Web3 Data Endpoints

Address profile

Analyze any address to get transaction history, balance, activity analysis, source of funds, deployer details, etc.

Simulate transactions

Get the balance change and updated allowances on any transaction or message

Activity analysis

Analyze any on-chain activity to get real-time insights, run forensics, correlate events and more

Funding source analysis

Analyze funding source for any address to get illicit on-chain funding and track funds movements
Web3 Data Endpoints Codeblock

Preventing Financial Loss For

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