Dec 27, 2023

Meet Hexagate: The Team Securing the Future of Web3

Founded in 2022 by cybersecurity veterans, Hexagate gives Web3 organizations the power to protect their users from cybersecurity threats.
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Hexagate, co-founded by cybersecurity veterans Yaniv Nissenboim and Niv Yehezkel, launched in May 2022. With over 35 years of combined experience as founders and leaders in Web2 cybersecurity, they established Hexagate to provide Web3 organizations the power to protect their users from cybersecurity threats by addressing the unique cybersecurity challenges of Web3.

Today, Hexagate offers a Web3 Security and Analytics API, and security advisory services alongside its core product the Hexagate Security Platform, and currently protects over $15 billion digital assets.

Founding Story

As the Web3 landscape unfolded with the promise of a more open and equitable internet, Yaniv and Niv observed that for this vision to materialize, the technical elements of Web3 needed to be fortified against cyberthreats.

The duo identified that the unique traits of blockchain technology like disintermediation, accessibility, immutability, and control posed challenges that, if unaddressed, could impede the widespread adoption of Web3. 

Their clear and proactive goal emerged: to empower Web3 organizations with specialized tools and expertise, enabling them to navigate the intricacies of Web3 security and protect users and digital assets from evolving cyber threats. 

Hexagate Today

Today, Hexagate is at the forefront of Web3 cybersecurity. Hexagate provides Web3 organizations with the power to protect their users from cybersecurity threats, and offers a Web3 Security and Analytics API and security advisory services alongside its core product the Hexagate Security Platform. Hexagate currently protects over $15 billion in digital assets from financial loss for some of the largest and most used organizations in the blockchain space, including Polygon, Ava Labs, Linea, Kiln, GMX, QuickSwap and EigenLayer, to name a few. 

Hexagate’s Security & Risk API boasts the largest coverage of any Web3 security solution, whilst the Hexagate Security Platform provides a security solution similar to 'run-time' security for Web2 applications which significantly improves the security posture of customers. For more details, read about Hexagate’s Security Platform here.

Based in Tel Aviv, the team are veterans of elite cybersecurity units that worked to defend national security against sophisticated nation-state hackers. With years of experience defending critical infrastructure, the team specialize in cryptography, vulnerability research, security solution design, machine learning, and data engineering. 

To build and train cutting-edge proprietary machine learning models, the team continuously scans all smart contracts and transactions across various EVMs from the genesis block. Combined with AI detection technology and smart contract analysis, Hexagate’s Security Platform has the broadest threat intelligence feed available and can detect all Web3 threats before they happen. Their commitment to excellence is further underscored by regular contributions to industry blogs, and active participation in the Web3 community as whitehats.

The Hexagate team is driven by a set of core values and believes in relentless innovation, continuous learning, and the pursuit of excellence. Hexagate’s commitment to innovation is not just about technology; it's about envisioning possibilities, anticipating future threats, and evolving security solutions that transcend expectations for Web3 organizations regardless of their size or stage.

Continued Evolution

The emergence of new technologies has always required an evolution in cybersecurity approaches. From the first computer to the internet, digitized databases, and credit cards, cybersecurity experts have adapted to defend against viruses and malicious actors. Hexagate plans to remain at the forefront of Web3 cybersecurity by continuously innovating and developing its technologies so all Web3 organizations have the power to protect their users from cybersecurity threats. 

In 2024, Hexagate will incorporate more capabilities into the Security Platform so customers can work with just one security vendor to reduce complexity and supercharge their risk posture, alongside tailoring existing capabilities to suit the needs of virtual asset service providers, funds and asset managers in need of best-in-class security to protect their users. 

Hexagate’s vision is to become the security partner of choice for all organizations operating in the vibrant ecosystem. With Hexagate at the forefront, Yaniv and Niv firmly believe that Web3 will soon be recognized as the safest, most secure, open, and fair environment to transact and do business.

Meet the Founders

Yaniv Nissenboim, co-founder and CEO. 

With 20 years of experience as a CEO, Founder, Business Development Executive and Engineer at cybersecurity companies and national defense agencies, Yaniv brings a wealth of commercial and operational expertise to Hexagate. Before co-founding Hexagate, he served as the VP of Business Development and Strategy for an end-to-end product security platform called Vdoo, acquired by JFrog for $300 million. Yaniv holds a bachelor's degree in electrical computer science.

Niv Yehezkel, co-founder and CTO. 

Prior to co-founding Hexagate, Niv led Research and Development at the cybersecurity company Medigate, which was acquired by Claroty for $400 million. Niv is celebrated in the Ledger Hall of Fame for his work securing Ledger products through the Devices Bug Bounty program. He also published research that identified a consensus bypass vulnerability, putting billions of dollars at risk on the Polygon to Ethereum PoS bridge. Niv holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science, served in the Israel Intelligence Unit at unit 8200 as an officer managing research and operations teams and worked at Medigate as a first employee, managing R&D teams. Read more about Niv's groundbreaking research with Polygon.

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Yaniv Nissenboim
Yaniv Nissenboim
Co-Founder & CEO

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